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Negotiation Skills Training For The New Class Of Global Business Negotiators

We train buyers, sellers, executives, business owners, project negotiators and other professional negotiators to get consistently superior negotiation results so that they can earn more, save time and reduce expenditure. 90% of our clients stay with us for at least 5 years or longer which underlines our proven ability to impact their negotiation results where it matters most - delivering a sound return on their investment. What you don't measure you can't improve. If you don't know how you or your organisation stacks up against a negotiation best practice benchmark, how will you ever get better at negotiation? The new class of global business negotiator realises that the old one dimensional way of negotiation is no longer valid in the global and connected world that we live in.

Gone are the days of approaching negotiation from a linear, sequential perspective. Gone are the days of following a simplistic 3,5 or 7 step approach to all your negotiations. Gone are the days of thinking that all negotiations are the same....